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UNICEF produces a series of speakers called "Activate Talks."  This speaker series brings together "innovators, experts and thought-leaders to showcase the latest innovations that can deliver progress on the major issues confronting the most vulnerable and marginalized children in each country."

I was invited to speak about photography and healthcare at an "Activate Talks" session in New York City.  This event took place in September, 2014.  I was contacted days prior to the event, and asked to speak about how photography can improve the health of young people around the world.  I drew on my experiences with Type 1 Diabetes, and my experiences photographing young people with Type 1 Diabetes, to give this talk.

You can watch my talk below - just enter 'activate' as the password!

The Joslin Diabetes Center is the leading diabetes clinic and research center, both in the US and the world.  My first introduction to Joslin was just months after my diagnosis.  I was eight years old, and attending summer camp for the first time.  I went to Camp Joslin - a summer camp for young people with Type 1 Diabetes - for two weeks.  Many years later, Joslin reached out to me and asked for an interview.

In the weeks after this request, the awesome marketing team at Joslin wrote up a blog piece about my photography and my experiences with Type 1 Diabetes.  Click here to read the Joslin Interview: Photographing the Untold Stories of Type 1 Diabetes.