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My work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is endlessly inspiring.  I have met hundreds of Boston-area kids with Type 1 Diabetes.  Their smiles are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit to great adversity.  However, Type 1 Diabetes does not exclusively exist in pediatric populations.

This became clear to me as I graduated from high school and began college.  I became too old for the wonderful care provided to me at Boston Children's Hospital.  I was no longer a pediatric patient, though I was not yet an adult patient, either.  I quickly became lost in the gap between childhood and adult life.  Although I may not have fit into a traditional patient population, there is a group that has come to my side.

That group is the College Diabetes Network (CDN).  CDN aims to improve the lives of college students with Type 1 Diabetes through peer support.  CDN accomplishes this goal while simultaneously  providing information, resources and advocacy for college students with Type 1 Diabetes.  This outstanding, innovative non-profit is based in Boston.  Click here to learn more about the College Diabetes Network.

My relationship with the CDN began in Bridgton, Maine.  The CDN held a week-long conference for student leaders.  These student leaders are individuals who have started CDN chapters on the campuses of their universities, colleges, and institutions of higher learning.  I attended the conference both as a photographer and upcoming student leader.  The link below will bring you to a portfolio of amazing students involved with the CDN.  Some of the outstanding individuals present at the aforementioned retreat are featured in the following photographs.  Join me by clicking the link below as I follow the story of Type 1 Diabetes in young adults.

College Diabetes Network Portfolio